Long time, no see. Here’s a very quick update which was recently requested. In this post you’ll find quick guide on how to enable VoLTE on your Redmi Note 7 device and download latest modem files. You can flash different model files to test your phone and see what version works best for you. I recommend you to install these only in case you’ve some issues with networking, calls quality etc. Otherwise, if it is not broke, don’t fix it.

How to enable VoLTE on Redmi Note 7?

Well, first of all, make sure that the SIM card you’re using supports VoLTE. Then enable VoLTE service on your phone with the following command: ##86583##, open setting and enable VoLTE. Sometimes when you type ##86583## and see “disabled” message on your screen, that does actually means that it is working. Another command is for vowifi (calls through wifi): ##869434##.

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