Below you’ll find the latest currently released and tested Custom ROM versions for Xiaomi Mi 5S Plus smartphone. Please share your thoughts and opinions about these ROMs below in the comments, your feedback is always very appreciated!

Ressurection Remix ROM for Mi 5S Plus

Very stable, quite fast and overall very good custom ROM version. Battery life is also very good.

Important Information: In case of “Error 7”: On the latest Ressurection Remix ROM starting from 21.05, you must update the firmware to DEV MIUI 14.04 and not newest. Otherwise you’ll get an error in TWRP related to firmware version. Here’s a patch you may want to

Lineage OS for Mi 5S Plus

Very good custom ROM. Very fast and quite stable performance. Everything is working without issues. Among the shortcomings very low battery life (around 6-7 hours) and bad camera app.

Mokee ROM for Mi5S Plus

Another quality ROM for Mi 5S+ device. Everything is working fine, except maybe this ROM is quite battery consuming.


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